Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Accountants are good for two things

Doing your taxes and hooking you up with a renderer. My uncle the accountant has a client who collects used grease. So I called him up and he’s going hook me up with used canola oil. THANK YOU ZACH!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


SVO supplier

Still trying to decided the best way to get SVO and the type of oil. I could collect it myself or just buy it. Smart and Final has fresh soy oil for $3 per gallon. I found a guy near me who will sell me wvo for $1.50 a gallon. But that's all different kinds of oil mix together and that could be a problem because some of those oils could have high Iodine Values which in high temperature compression engines could cause polymerization. You can read about that here I still have to research it more.

Monday, July 11, 2005


New Spare Tire for SVO Kit

Found an 18" wheel from American Tire Company with a thin high performance tire that will fit in the spare tire compartment. The larger wheel diameter will allow me to have a larger second tank for the SVO kit.



I started the car to go to an appointment today and couldn't go over 20 mph. Got to the destination and three hours later started the car and it was fine. Possibly the fuel filter got clogged with one of those large pieces like the one in the cup picture below. I suspect turning off the engine allowed it float to the bottom of the filter. I called Dan and ordered some more fuel filters just in case. Otherwise, the car has been driving great.

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