Friday, November 04, 2005


3,000 Miles

Things are going well. I've become more bold (and want to conserve on biodiesel) and now after starting on Biodiesel I pretty much just switch right over to wvo without waiting for the engine to warm up and the car seems fine. Still waiting to see if the 5 micron filter in the vormax is gonig to last longer now that I am pre-filtering down to 5 micron with the Grease Beast. It might be that the Walbro suction is so strong that it's collapsing the filter over time and can only last about 1000 miles. If that is the case, I'll switch to 10 micron but still pre-filter. I want to keep the 2 micron fuel filter in the engine protected so it lasts a long time because it's a pain to change.

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