Monday, May 01, 2006


Coachella Music Festival

Drove down to the Coachella music festival. Round trip was about 300 miles. I could have made it on one tank but I carried 10 extra gallons of pre filtered wvo in the trunk just in case. The car performed nearly flawlessly and I got 28 mpg. It's all highway driving with moderate grades. The car had great pick up while I climbed the grades at high speeds and could have gone faster. However, during one part of the trip, as I was climbing a grade and let off the gas and then pressed on the gas again, the car lost power and wouldn't go past 60 mph. It seemed like it wouldn’t switch gears. I got off the freeway, stop the car for a second, and then drove off and everything was fine again. I think it’s a sensor/computer problem. I noticed that I missed putting some silicone dielectric in a hand full of sensors behind the coolant reserve tank. Putting the goo in those sensors might help.

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