Thursday, October 12, 2006


17,000 miles

Things have been good in the veggi car world. No real issues. One important thing to note: I have started using diesel as my start and stop fuel to figure out if the B100 softened the rear engine seal I was talking about in my last posts. So far no oil leak but won't know anything for at least another 10,000 miles. My Mass Air Flow sensor seems to be bad again although this time there are no problems that I'm seeing with the car except that the engine light comes on. Other than that I'm in a nice groove. I collect waste oil once a month (35 gallons) and pour it into my 55 gallon drum. Pump from the drum through a 10 and then 5 micron filter directly into the car every two weeks. I haven't had to change any of the filters on the car since I started pre filtering to 5 microns.

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