Friday, July 28, 2006


Fixed My Oil Leak

Dan found my oil leak problem. He said it was really bad. And it was coming from my rear engine seal. He said the seal itself was soft. We speculated that the bio diesel or the veggie oil made it soft and the high pressure in the engine was pushing out the seal and leaking oil. He replaced it with another type of seal that he thought would last longer.


Uncle Andy Is Mad

So remember that oil leak I had. Well, it came back. I leaked oil on my uncle’s drive way. Seven small spots to be exact. I offered to clean it up but he already had.


Home Fueling Station

I got this great 55 gallon drum from So now I collect the oil in the 5 gallon jugs and pour it into this drum. I was told that the filter bag was something like 5 micron. No true because I pumped the oil from the drum into my tank and it clogged up my 10 micron vormax filter. It’s probably more like a 30 micron bag. So I still pump thru a 5 micron filter before I put the oil in my car.

55 Gallon Drum Posted by Picasa

Close up of Filter Bag Posted by Picasa

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