Friday, January 05, 2007


Piston Ring Comments

So my problem of deteriorating piston rings could be caused by many more things than just polymerization. Read the comments on the post below from other readers. All very interesting. I do have to say that the contamination of the veggie oil in the 5 gallon diesel tank is by far the one that I notice the most when starting the engine in the morning. As more and more veggie oil gets in the dougnut tank the morning starts are not as smooth as when there is a fresh five gallons of diesel in it. A slight rumbling engine can't be good. And when I was running B100 the starts were even worse. Bottom line: Make sure you have a two, three port switches that times the purge so you don't get any veggie oil mixed in with diesel. I have a one 6 port switch. Also nobody has commented on the follow: Look at the iron in the oil report and look at the universal average. It's supposed to be at around 35 and my last count was almost 10 times that. Iron is what the cylinders are made of according to the report. Exciting.

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