Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Wonder of Silicone Dielectric

My car is running amazing now. Better pick up and no puffs of smoke during acceleration. It's a miracle. And it's all due to putting this Silicone Dielectric stuff inside my MAF sensor. It helps with connectivity.

I found about this trick at the tdiclub

I bought the stuff at NAPA auto center. Silicone Dielectric Compound part# 765-1190
When you read the forum posts you'll see others have had the same amazing experience with it. I ended up putting it in all my electircal sensor connections.

Monday, April 24, 2006


San Clemente

I drove down to San Clemente this weekend with the wife. (about 250 miles round trip) She was very worried we were going to break down along the way and get stuck. But I assured her nothing of the sort would happen because I carry duck tape and a screw driver in car. I got 30 mpg.


10,000 Miles and still alive and well

There were a couple of moments when I thought I wasn't going to make it but all is well in b99 and wvo land. All these smoke problems were magically solved once I changed the MAF sensor. As far as the turbo going bad I have a feeling I screwed it up with the type of motor oil I had switched to. In short, DO NOT USE ELF EXCELLION DID when operating with SVO/WVO or b99 -- Stick with Castrol Syntec. I will post my Blackstone oil analysis reports that shows why in another 3,000 miles.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


New Turbo and MAF sensor

Things are much much better and the car is drivable now. It's still not perfect. Replacing the MAF sensor made the biggest difference with cutting down the smoke. The rest of the little smoke I see, Dan thinks, might be due to a timing issue so in a couple weeks I'll deal with that. As far as the hesitation of power from a stop, others have this same problem with this car.

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