Friday, May 06, 2005


BioSoy Low Nox (B100)

Finally, I after reading through some more bio diesel forums I stumble across a reference to Ted Brown in Ventura California (40 minutes from me) who has a product called BioSoy Low NOX. I find his site and cheer. This gentlemen takes B100 and mixes in a bio friendly catalysis that makes it low NOX, gives the car more power and cuts smoke by 50%. Amazing. It’s all too good to be true but it is. This special catalysis has been used in Ireland for more than 20 years. You can read about it at or Here's the low down on Dipetane II (the II is their BioDiesel version). It helps to eliminate the formation of the offending CCD (Combustion Chamber Deposits) It consits of 96% BioDiesel and 4% mineral oil. I wanted to known how much petroleum I was burning with Dipetane II. Here's the answer. 10 ounces treats 15 gallons or 1920 ounces (I was told 11 to 18 gallons so I'll use 15 to be fair). 10/1920=.005208 percent of Dipetane per ounce for 1920 ounces treated. Now get the percent of mineral oil in that treated amount. (.005208 x .04) = .00020832 percent of Mineral oil per treated ounce in 1920 ounces. 128 ounces (1 gallon) of treated B100 has .02666496 (128 x.00020832) percent of mineral oil. So Dipetane makes B100 really B99.97333504. It would take 4,800 treated gallons to burn 1 gallon of petroleum. Of course, I make no gaurantees that my math is correct.

Hello Kevin! I noticed you have the link to my old Dipetane website on your blog:
My new site is more up to date:
Thank you Kevin for placing my link on your blog. Take care my friend!

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