Friday, June 24, 2005


Fuel Filter

I went to my mechanic Dan, Auto Master Care in Van Nuys, to put in the new fuel filter. I've known Dan for over 15 years and he's the best. I've driven about 1000 miles (11,875 on the odometer) on the biodiesel so I figured it was time. There were some air bubbles in the fuel filter after bleeding it so it took a couple cranks and stalls to finally get it started. Dan's going to buy a tool to cut open the fuel filter so we can see how dirty it was. I'm going to post the digital pictures of the filter as soon as I get them.

I'm still following your blog. I flew to Portland last Saturday and bought one of the last new TDI Passat Wagons in the Pacific North West. It had a full tank of Dino Diesel and 80 miles on the odometer. On the way back to Palo Alto I had to put another 1/2 tank of DD in, but now that I'm back we're 100% B100 thanks to Western States Oil in San Jose. I'm curious to hear about your fuel filter and also the return lines... are they rubber, will the B100 eat through them. So far our car is running great on the B100, though it's been less than a week. Cheers, Gordon
That's great! You probably wont need to change your fuel filter right away since your car was new. Curious, did my blog play a part in your decision to buy a tdi and do b100?
Honestly, we were considering it before I came across your blog, but your info helped us finalize the decision. We're driving down to SB this weekend and plan on refueling there on Tuesday when the SB's only b100 pump is open. When will these places have weekend hours? Thank goodness to the nearly 600 mile range of the car!
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