Saturday, June 04, 2005


Waiting for the fuel light

My fuel is getting low so today I’m going to drive around with a 5 gallon jug in the trunk. As soon as I see the fuel light go on I’m going to pull over and add the five gallons and record the mileage on the odometer. Then when the fuel light goes on again I’ll be able to calculate my mileage pretty accurately. The sensor is programmed to go off when there is 2.1 gallons left in the tank.

We are waiting too! My wife and I want that same car, I lean towards getting a used one with the required 7500 + miles. She leans towards buying one new out of state with a friend's address and risking it for six months back in Cali. We'll stay tuned.

Gordon in Palo Alto
I almost did that too but then found exactly what I wanted used. I got lucky. The car is like new.
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