Thursday, August 11, 2005


Drop the Car off at Berkely

Drove up to Berkeley today, left at 11 am. Arrived at Craig Reece’s house at around 4pm. Btw, I got 30 mpg on Biodiesel. Meet a guy named Shane, he’s doing the physical install, he shows me his awesome truck that he personally converted to run on svo and I realize I’m dealing with a mechanical wizard. Craig shows up and we all talk about my car and what the plans are. Although they have done many conversions, they’ve never done a “pd” (the new 2005 vw engine design) before and they talk lot about Walbro pumps, filters and Viton hoses and other stuff I have no idea about but I pretend. Craig then drives me to the airport, in my car (he wanted to see how it drove before the conversion), to make an 8 pm flight. The airport is about 15 miles away but it takes us an hour because of the traffic. During that time, Craig and I talk, he’s lived at lot of life and is at peace with himself and has no time nor need for being dishonest so I’m completely at easy about leaving him my car for three or four days and completely trust it will all be good. I get home at about 1am. The Supershuttle screwed me so I ended up taking a taxi home from Burbank airport. Not so super Mr. Supershuttle.

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