Saturday, September 17, 2005


Changed 5 Micron Vormax Filter

The Walbro pump for the svo tank was making a louder noise than usual today. I opened the trunk to look at the status of the Vormax filter indicator. The needle had gone beyond the red and was pushed against the steel pin. Even though the indicator said the filter should be changed the car still had power. I suspect the power of the Walbro can suck past the filters indicator to measure restriction. I thought about continuing to drive until I lost power but then thought again as I didn’t want to possibly damage the Walbro pump. To change the filter I did the following steps: 1) loosened the drain screw at the bottom of the filter and let some of the oil pour into a small Tupperware container I had been carrying around for this glorious moment. I did this so when I unscrewed the filter the extra oil wouldn’t go all over the place. 2) Unscrewed the filter. 3) Twisted on a new one. One set of instructions said to fill the filter with new fuel. Another set of instructions said otherwise. I didn't have any extra fuel so I did the latter and just screwed on an empty filter. 4) I turned the key half way. I was told when the car is in this state the Walbro will fill the filter. I didn’t hear anything but I let it sit for a minute or so and then I started the car and drove away. It worked. I still don't understand where all the air went in the filter. Maybe I'll never know. But I bet someone reading this will know and will post a comment and tell me where all that air went. The filter costs $20 and I went 1,200 miles on it. Probably could have gotten better mileage out of it if I hadn’t accidentally pumped some unsettled oil into the tank.

It's very important to fill the new filter with oil before putting on a new one.
Most pumps are cooled by the liquid passing thru them. If the filter is empty, the pump is dry and could get too hot.

Depending on the potential mess that could be made by the liquid in the filter it might be better to leave it empty and replace the pump after the 10+ years it could take for it to go bad.
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