Thursday, October 06, 2005


2,000 Miles

I hit 1000 miles on the second 5 micron filter I’ve install. The Vormax filter indicator needle was beyond the red and almost pinned. I decide to drive until I notice a problem. It didn’t take long. At 17,180 (1,018 miles on filter) I felt a stutter in the engine. Twenty eight miles later, more stutters and loss of power. I pulled over at 17,208 and changed the filter. 1,046 miles total for that filter. I also found out where all the air goes in the new filter -- into the fuel lines and engine. After I screwed on the filter, I turned the inginition key half way and waited a couple minutes but I don’t think the Walbro filled the filter because after I started the car and went a couple 100 feet it stalled. It took about 5 minutes of cranking to get the air out of the lines for it to restart. If I would have filled the filter with fuel I might not have had such a problem. So lesson learned. The more important knowledge gained here is that even though my walbro pump is too strong for the Vormax restriction indicator, once the needle gets past the red and heads towards the pin the filter is going to need to be changed.

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