Saturday, December 03, 2005


6,000 Miles

The biggest problem I'm having is finding a good quick way to filter the used oil to 5 or 10 micron. My GreaseBeast is not doing the job. So I'm building my own improved filter Beast. I also changed out the two fuel filters. I have one for the bio diesel side and one for the veggi side. The BioDiesel one lasted about 5k miles and today I had Dan changed out the veggi one which lasted about 6K Miles. I could tell it needed to be changed because when I accelerated to quickly the engine would flutter. Other stuff I've learned: If you keep driving on a bad filter that restricts the fuel to the engine so that it keeps fluttering the "Emissions Workshop" engine light on the dash will go on. At first I thought I was doomed but after I replaced the filter and drove for another 30 miles or so the light turned itself off. This has happened three times to me. That's one of the reasons why I changed to the 10 micron filters. The 5 micron filters were not lasting long enough. So if you are running BioDiesel or svo and have this happend to you. Don't panic. Just fix the fuel restriction problem and light will go away. The on board computer and sensors really do work.

You sound like you've got a good handle on what your engine is up to, but it might be useful to pick up a cheap ODBII code scanner to read exactly what the "Emissions Workshop" light is trying to tell you. I bought one for $93 from, but there are several other brands available. It's saved me hundreds in diagnosing the "check engine" light on my Outback.
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