Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Dealer

Dan the mechanic can't fix my car because he doesn't have any specs on it. So I took it the VW dealer and they told me they couldn't work on it either because they were not trained yet on the 2005 TDI engine. Remember I'm in California and new diesels haven't been allowed here for some time. So then I took it to this other VW dealer and they said it would be no problem. They also charged $200 for a diagnostic test where the other dealer charged $180 for a diagnostic test. See, it's that extra $20 bucks that gets you better trained technicians. So that's where the car is now. Oh, I didn't tell them the engine had been modified because it just seems to scare people. This second dealer just called me and said they are working on it right now and they didn't mention anything about the conversion. Since they've never seen a TDI before they probably think it's part of the car.

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