Friday, March 24, 2006


turbo charger

Dan the mechanic says my catalytic converter is fine but that my turbo charger needs to be replaced. Something about it not spinning right. I have to get the part thru the dealer because nobody else has the part yet because it's still considered under warranty to third party part places. I called around to different dealers and got different wholesale pricing. Cost to the dealers is about $1,300 (one of the parts guys mistakenly told me the cost). List is $1740. I finally got one for $1451. Dan will install it, hopefully on Tuesday, when he gets the part.

Turbo Posted by Picasa

Degraded Turbo Fan Posted by Picasa

There are lots of places to buy turbos for passats.

Just go to one of the discussion forums
and you will find tons of places to buy a new turbo.
Make sure it is your turbo, many times they only need to be cleaned because of the sooty exhaust, What oil are you using?
That's definitely a "degraded" turbo fan. Something got into your intake and beat the hell out of it.
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