Monday, May 01, 2006


Coachella Music Festival

Drove down to the Coachella music festival. Round trip was about 300 miles. I could have made it on one tank but I carried 10 extra gallons of pre filtered wvo in the trunk just in case. The car performed nearly flawlessly and I got 28 mpg. It's all highway driving with moderate grades. The car had great pick up while I climbed the grades at high speeds and could have gone faster. However, during one part of the trip, as I was climbing a grade and let off the gas and then pressed on the gas again, the car lost power and wouldn't go past 60 mph. It seemed like it wouldn’t switch gears. I got off the freeway, stop the car for a second, and then drove off and everything was fine again. I think it’s a sensor/computer problem. I noticed that I missed putting some silicone dielectric in a hand full of sensors behind the coolant reserve tank. Putting the goo in those sensors might help.

Sounds like you went into limp mode, turning the key off and on cleares it up. I also have a 05 passat tdi that I run on veg oil. You might try some "diesel purge" to clean your injectors depending on how many miles you have so far on veg. It's an amazing product that has taken my very sick clogged injectors to almost new again with two cans. Going to run another two cans today!
ditto the above comment. remember, your putting unprocessed waste oil into your car. You have no dewatering technique and you have increased the allowable particle size to 10 micron. goo is never a cure-all.
I had this problem a year ago with my 05 tdi wagoon on B99. Same fix, turn it off wait a few seconds and all is fine. Been on B20 for the last 6 month and haven't had this happen again.
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