Sunday, February 18, 2007


Can you say procrastination

Craig and Ed at Plantdrive have been very helpful.

Craig told me about this oil which will lower the changes of polymerization.

And I also have in my house 2 3-port switches.

I've had the switches for about a month now sitting in a box on my desk. I sometimes think just having them on my desk and knowing about this special oil will help my car. But then I realize that I actually have to do something like install the switches and order the oil to really make a difference. We'll see how long it takes me.

ps. the car has been running fine. I keep the 5 gallon tank filled as often as possible which lowers the concentration of veggie oil in the doughnut tank. But long term I must do the stuff I was talking about above otherwise the wear and tear will eventually kill the engine.

Do you read the owners manual or the lubrication requirements for a PD engined TDI? I believe it requires 505.01 specific motor oil. The cam lobes on the valves are extremely narrow on the followers, due to the additional cam lob for the unit injectors, creating extreme demands on your motor oil, hence the VW 505.01 only specification for your motor oil.
Let me know when you are ready to haul this car off to the junkyard, I may buy it for scrap value after you completely toasted a $10,000 Pump Duse engine running it on WVO. I hope the bank doesn't have a lien on this cars title.
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