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DieselPurge & Mobil 1 TDT

Ran two cans of DieselPurge through the engine to see if I could stop the burning of oil. (see last post) Then had Dan do an oil changed and started using Mobil 1 Trubo Diesel Truck motor oil which I bought from Autobarn. I'll start testing the oil again every 3,000 miles so I can compare it with Castrol Synthetic. Yes, it's true, Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck does not have a 505.1 rating. But what it does have are three really important words: Turbo, Diesel and Truck. Plus, it's not going to be any worse than the Castrol but we'll have to wait and see the oil reports.

Hey Kevin,

Just curious, what type of Castrol Syntec were you using? Castrol Syntec is not a true synthetic motor oil it is a hydrocracked petroleum based oil known as group 3 synthetic. Unless you were using Syntec 0w30, then it is a true synthetic with a PAO synthetic base group 4. The Mobil 1 oils use to be Group 4 but when they loss the lawsuit to Castrol over the group 3 synthetic naming dispute, then Mobil 1 then switch to a Group 3+ formula. AMSOIL or Royal Purple oils are also true synthetics that you may use.

As for your rings, I had great success with using Marvel Mystery oil. My friend had this oil diesel benz that wouldn’t start. We did a compression test and it would something like 180. We soaked dump a bunch of Marvel Mystery oil in each of the cylinders and let it soak for days, every once in awhile adding more oil. We then did another compression check and it shot up to 320… Good enough to start. By the way, The car was running on unheated veg oil by the previous owner and quit working. So if you can live without your car for a few days you may want to soak your rings. Then afterwards take a trip up a very long hill and gun it for an Italian tuneup.

thanks for the info. castrol 5w40 syntec and I did know that it was not a true synthetic and probably why I have polymerzation. I did try Elf - another true synthetic 505.1 oil but then had other problems so I went back to Castrol. I should have switched to Mobil 1 sooner because I think it's going to solve my polymerzation problem and prevent the wear and tear.

The only thing that will solve your problem is if you get lucky and run your car the rest of it's dying days on ULSD D2.

There isn't a motor oil in America that is designed to handle the by products of combustion of either WVO or Biodiesel... they are all designed to have additives to handle the by products of conventional Diesel fuel, it's acidity, it's sulfur levels, and also additive packages that won't compromise your Catalytic converter, which by now is a gooey glycerined mess and in need of replacement. You are really doing all of us people in L.A. a disservice with the air we breath from your 29mpg POS Passat TDI that you have basically destroyed. Do you have any idea how much pollution you are putting in the air with a non functioning CAT convertor and a quart of motor oil every 1,000 miles? CARB ought to fine you for what you are doing, plus you arent paying Federal and State road taxes on your fuel. either.
Here's some scientific reading for you Kevin, on oleaic acids, iodine values for various base vegetable oils and how it affects the polymermization of your motor oil.

and here is some reading as to what will happen to your tdi from using the wrong motor oils ie non 505.01 syntehtic motor oil in your PD VW motor which requires a 505.01 VW approved oil like Castrol 5w-40 TXT or Motul 505.01 Specific or Elf solaris 5w-40 505.01 Vw certified motor oils.

It's too late for your TDI, the death bell tolls for thee.
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