Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Slapped by Adam Smith's Invisible Hand

I went to my Thai restaurant today to pick up my free 10 gallons of oil like I've been doing for the last year and the restaurant owner tells me that there is now a company that will pay him 60 cents a gallon for his used oil. I wasn't very surprise at the news. I knew this day was coming - I just was hoping for it to be another couple years away. So I remind him that I'm not making any profit off it like the Bio Diesel guys and I get him down to 50 cents a gallon. I still get some free oil from the local sushi restaurant too but only 5 gallons every other week. And there's still the mammoth 100 gallon tank at the Chinese restaurant which will give it to me for free but I have to pump that stuff out and it's a hassle. Plus, it's much dirtier and a bigger pain to filter.

When are you going to update the blog! Its been over a month already.
here's your sign on eminent failure.

great blog! looks like as long as you do your oil changes regularly(which he admitted that he didn't) and filter out the water you can avoid what happened to that guy above.
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