Tuesday, December 18, 2007


First 500 Miles

John and everyone else agreed that for the first 500 miles I should break the engine in with Delo Motor oil. So that’s what I did. I also only drove only on diesel.

I agree, you should never run this motor on anything but diesel, or biodiesel, up to 5% blends.

I agree you should park your tdi and ride a bicycle to work, instead of ruining another engine because you are too stupid to RTFM for fuel an VW 505.01 requirements, and know more than the engineers that design tdi PD engines to run on ULSD.

You deserve a 2007 Darwin Award.
You really believe a diesel engine breaks in after 500 miles? Try 60,000 miles! It seems in your list of lessons learned you completely failed to address the quality of your fuel. How don't you get this?
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