Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Flipping The Switch Again

After the oil change, I flipped the switch on my dash sending veggie oil into my new engine. Yes, I was fearful that my new engine could succumb to the same fate as my last one but my fear quickly melted away from the joy of knowing that my gas money is not ending up in the pockets of the greediest companies on the planet.

Hi there, so your running an 05 on wvo? Well now Im confused. I thought you couldn't because they changed the PD in 04 and the new PD wouldn't work with wvo. Did you do your conversion at Lovecrafts? I'v been talking with them about my soon to be Jetta 03. One tank or two? Sorry you now have to pay for wvo...still real cheap!!!
gokikingprn- read further down all my blog entires and it will answer all your questions. in short, you can run wvo on a new pd but you have to be very careful. and i used the people who run plantdrive.com
You have to read the Owners manual and fuel your TDI with #2 diesel, perhaps the only exception is winterized diesel in climates with temps less than 10F.

Use of any other fuel constitutes misfueling. This isn't Rudolf Diesel's or your Dad's Diesel, it's a modern high speed, high RPM diesel with extremely demanding diesel fuel requirements for it's fuel injection system, which meet D975 specification with 15ppm sulfur petroleum based diesel fuel.
Just so you know, I was referred to this blog by TDIClub as a perfect example of everything you should NOT do when owning a diesel, let alone running a biofuel. After reading your saga, I can't believe most of the decisions you made. The wrong oil (MUST BE CERTIFIED, the numbers 505.01 mean something!), completely incorrect preparation of the fuel, improper starting and warm up sequence, improper maintenance. Long story short, your engine didn't stand a chance. You really need to do more research and actually follow directions or the same exact thin will happen to your new block. Get real man!
Your approach to this car resembels the relentless, unquestioning, ignorant devotion of a religious fenatic. The only difference is that your god is the environment and your satan is the energy companies.

Let me ask you this: How much oil was burned creating all the replacement parts that you seem to be always needing?

Even worse then your arrogance is your willing ignorance! I would be lying if i claimed not to be bias against VO. It is a improper fuel for a diesel engine no matter what make/model it is. That said there is a right way and a wrong way to destroy your engine with VO. The right way is the careful, maticulous and highly educated approach of some of those on TDIClub who have made it almost 90,000 miles on PD engines with VO. The worong approach is the one you have taken. You have broken every rule and best practice for running VO! Please, PLEASE PLEASE pull your head out of your a$$ and start educating yourself on basic car mantience (like what oil to use) before you start doing exotic things like using VO systems!
Though the comments come off as harsh, I suggest unplugging your ears and listening to some of the folks yelling to do the basic maintenance of your car first. Then listen to the folks suggesting best practices on WVO (see Chasee on TDIClub). Furthermore, you should drive your car to PlantDrive with a car bomb in it. Craig is a fool and has only proved it with some of his comments to you.
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