Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Stop Engine: Low Oil Pressure

Occasionally, when I’m low on motor oil and I hit a hard turn I get this message. As soon as I get this message, I pull over and dump in another quart of motor oil and drive off a happy camper. (Remember, I’m burning motor oil because two glow plug tips broke off into my cylinders a couple years ago and bounced around and caused damage.)
Well, I guess I let this happen to many times, running low on motor oil, because this time when it happened the message didn’t go away. Not only didn’t the message go away but the car wouldn’t get out of limp mode. But it gets more exciting. As I was limping off the freeway, I heard metallic chain like sounds and air pressure popping noises. Definitely not good. So I had the car towed to Diesel Performance Shop so John could take a look at it.

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