Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Oil Report Looking Good With Delvac 1

Here is the oil report from Blackstone Laboratories. Lead was a little high but all the other metals are good. I also left in the old reports right before the motor oil pump died. Take a look at the old numbers for Iron, Aluminum, Copper and viscosity. Compare against the Universal Averages column. I'm going to do another oil change at 1,500.

Hey Kevin,

There could be rash of oil pump failures on the Passat TDI. Could you post the production number and date of when your original engine was produced? It is located on a white sticker the top of the cam/valve cover towards the front. It should look like this. "BHW 011 656" beachten

With the date on the corner for example 27-05-04

This will help in determining what series of engines maybe at fault.

Thanks DV
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