Thursday, March 06, 2008


Another Good Oil Report With Delvac 1

The people at Blackstone think it's pretty amazing how good the engine is wearing. Let's all thank the true synthetic Delvac 1 and frequent oil changes. I'm slowly pushing up the mileage between oil changes so I'll probably go 1,800 or 2,000.

dont know where to write this but i think you can help me alot...
im considering buying a used 2002 Volkswagen Passat TDI for a fishy price of 2900$ and converting it to use with WVO.
can you estimate the cost ill need to make (system, instilation, fuel pumping and filtering...)???
im a very poor collrgr student and need to see if i can afford this...
Hey , I wanted to ask if you have any reports from Blackstone on the amsoil that you were using? Also wanted to ask if you knew that the Delvac 1 is not 505.01 spec? Seems that the pump nozzles in your car may be experiencing more wear than they otherwise would be. Thanks for blogging on all this, it is interesting and helpful.
Never got the test with amsol-- the oil pumped died on its watch and the mechanic dummped the oil---What metals are you associating with the pump nozzels? And yes I know the delvac is not to spec
The most valuable link you will ever read on TDI's and alternative fuel usage.

Contains Chemistry, physics, practical information too.

Bottom line, vege oil in a TDI is a recipe for failure.
Passat 2005 running on used soy oil very nice .
gasket sheet supplier in Agra
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