Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Over 5,000 miles with Delvac 1

Delvac 1 is proving its worth and it's not even an approved oil for this engine.

Kung pao,
I've been looking into making bio or running a wvo kit on my 2001 vw tdi Jetta. Funny how all wives sound the same when you talk about doing something like that. Any how your blog is the most honest, unbiast info I've read on the process and I wish more people would put there success and failures online. I'm still on the fence but your truly honest testimonial has been more helpful than people who are only for or against bio/wvo. Thanks to you I have more questions but also some valid info. I think it's unfortunate that some people felt the urge to take shots at you in previous blogs. I admire your blog and your struggle against the man.:)

Is it at all possible to have a "sticky" type post at the top of your blog which clearly states that you did not follow many of the basic rules of WVO use, as well as chose to ignore VW's oil specifications? No, I'm not trying to be mean here, just pragmatic. Your blog has been used by many WVO naysayers as an example of what will happen. Many others have used your blog as an example of exactly what not to do when running WVO, or a stock PD VW for that matter.

Of course, you're free to do whatever you want, and its great you are so open about it all. I only hope you could have this sort of disclaimer at the top in order to maintain full disclosure.
Hi Kevin,
First of all I would like complement you on your perservance. I converted a Jetta 2002 two years ago to wvo. I now have 216,000 miles on it with 70,000 miles on wvo. Fortunately I have had no problems and the car still runs like it's new. I am just starting to convert a 2005 Passat TDI. I plan to publish the photos and write up on greasecar.com when I am finished. If you would like updates with pictures and comments email my your email. In the meantime I hope you continue to update your blog because like me there are a whole lot of people interested in your experiences. Good luck.
Good job buddy, not only do you do something that is bad for your engine but you do it TOTALLY wrong. Now your using oil that is not 505.01 approved. I hope you are ready for a head rebuild.

Please do what chasee asked. I agree with him and i dont even like him!

You're doing a great job! 505.1 is a marketing scam. Your oil reports are proving it. Keep it up.

Here it is August 12th 2008, still no update or current events. Either you aren't driving or it finally died for good.
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